April 25, 2016

Align ~ Astrological Dating App

Align Astrological Zodiac Dating App Review

Hey girl, what's your sign? You look fine enough to orbit around (funny yet?) Are you Saturn, cuz I wanna put a ring on it? ( #representing for the corny folks)

For all you Zodiac Babes out there have I got the perfect dating app for you! Align draws you closer to all the love the universe has to offer. I first heard about this app from my friend Juan a while back and knew it was perfect for my cosmic cutie self! I signed up right away (like any Aries would!) and filled out my profile + questions and scoped out the hotties in my "constellation", which were plenty!

Whether you want to make worlds collide tonight or keep a love burning long and bright Align's got what you need. Hit this app up my star babies! Download it now on the app store.

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