July 11, 2016

What Does QPOC Mean?

What does a Q.P.O.C. mean? Hey y'all what's up it's Anais how y'all doing? Back for another one and I really just wanted this video to be about one thing, understanding your true self, learning how to be comfortable with yourself and really knowing and understanding what self-love is. And I just, I felt like I wanted to do this video because I feel like I recently have come to terms with who I am and I don't know, I just felt like it'd be a good idea to make this kind of video diary or vlog about it.

I don't know if you guys know what the term QPOC is? Or what a QPOC is? If you don't know that's cool, totally chill, I'm gonna tell you right now anyways.

A QPOC is a queer person of color. And that's what I am. I am a QPOC. Now what does that mean? And why do I feel so comforted by this term. Why do I feel like this fits me? Because a QPOC is really somebody who does not, it's somebody who does, I should say does. I want to keep this on a positive note. So, it's somebody who feels like, their sexuality is on a spectrum.

Who I am is not contained within one little box that I can check off when I'm submitting a job application or applying for a scholarship. You know those little checkboxes? Like I don't fit into one of those checkboxes like I just don't. I feel like gender and human sexuality is fluid and it lives on a spectrum. And that's where I feel the most comfortable. Yes, I like guys, yes I like girls. I just feel like people in general is what I'm interested in and who I want to have experiences with. So for me it's something really personal but it's also something that I've recently come to terms with and I feel comfortable or more comfortable with.

Part of the reason why I'm doing it out here on the beach in my private little sanctuary and not at home is because my family doesn't really know, I would hope that they would understand but you know this is something that I've recently come to terms with and I'm just not ready to talk to them about this part of me yet. So, this is just something that, I don't know why I feel so connected and it's so easy to talk to the camera.

I guess that's how it is nowadays. Talk to the camera and be real with the camera and be real with your phone and be real with your snapchat followers and be real with everybody else but when you turn around and look at your own family and your own mother like it's not as easy. So, one step at a time.

But for me, being a QPOC is being okay with who I am. It means loving who I love, it means loving love in general and just not putting a label on that. Just being able to feel like I'm able to do what I want, go where I want, feel the way that I want to feel and not feel ashamed of the natural feelings that I have. And I think that's something that needs to be said more often about, when you have self-love it's like you're planting seeds to love everybody else around you.

Once you accept yourself it then becomes easy for you to accept others for how they are instead of judging others against some kind of norm or standard it feels more natural to me to just love myself and just take the pressure off of honestly just caring and giving a fack about what other people think.

So, that's my motto that I'm gonna go by, that's what I'm sticking to.

You know, I'm a POC, person of color, as you can clearly see by my beautiful chocolatey skin. I'm a person of color. And I am a queer person of color. And I am not here to try and speak up for a group, I'm speaking for myself and I'm just trying to have love for myself so I can give love back.

Yeah, love yourself, don't worry about what others think and you'll be good.

SO, keep it lit, keep it poppin' and I'll see you guys in the next one. Bye!

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